Yoga and Me

Yoga has always been in my life but it’s taken me until my late 20’s to really understand what yoga is to ME. It’s something that I searched for, longed for in times of turmoil, times of heightened emotions or those days of vibrant energy. Yoga balances me out and brings me back to the present moment. Something that we all need in this fast paced life! It’s an outlet, a way to express myself and my emotions in a positive way. A way to let go. A way to share, give and love. Yoga helps me control my anxiety and stress.

Helping You. . .

Yoga helps me help you – people with chronic illness, suffering with depression or with busy minds. It helps super sporty people or those recovering from injury…there is a yoga style for YOU.

Yoga is a way to love me, love others and share experiences.

Yoga is a tool for calm.
A tool for breathing.
A tool for moving.
A tool for stillness.
Yoga is for anyone and everyone.

My aim is to share it far and wide, giving everyone the opportunity to reap its benefits. There is no judgment or hate. Just love and light.

Yoga has made me be a better person.

Better at listening.
Better at supporting.
Better at offering.

Your Aims. . .

Yoga is whatever you need it to be. It’s how you feel in a pose, how you feel as you breathe deeply, how you feel when you achieve something new. Everyone has their own aim with their yoga practice and mine is just to feel better when I’ve finished than when I began. I aim to breathe a little slower, move a little deeper and feel a little calmer. Stronger in the mind and body but mindful of where I’m at is exactly where I need to be. Through yoga I can express myself wholeheartedly.

Who is Yoga for?

Yoga is for the flexible but even more so for the inflexible. Mind and body! Movement for the old and young. Relaxation for the stressed and laid back. Time out for the busy mum or the London business man. Practicing for me but also practicing for you.

Being a Yoga Teacher. . .

Everything I do for myself helps me to be a better teacher, although I am forever the student. Always learning and growing to be a better me.

Being a yoga teacher is grounding! Seeing different people every day and watching them embrace their strengths and weaknesses to better themselves is so rewarding.

I feel so lucky to have yoga for ME but also to be able to share it to YOU. Yoga is finding a love for everything I am and everything that you are…that is true happiness. Yoga can give you whatever it is you need in that very moment. Be present, be open.

L x

Join me for Yoga Flow. . .

Join me for my Yoga Flow Class at Jungle Healing Studio, Crawley between 5.45 – 6.45 pm every Tuesday. To book please click HERE.

All abilities welcome!

In this class you will explore movement and breath as a tool to unwind the mind and body. A gentle workout for the body, building strength and flexibility whilst calming the busy mind.

Yoga for EVERYONE! Look forward to seeing you there! 

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