Jungle Healing Massage Centre Crawley is dedicated to promoting natural health and healing. First and foremost, our priority is to help you bring your mind, body and spirit into a state of balance and harmony.

Massage Therapies

Most notably, we have a restful therapy room for professional treatments. Massage services range from Thai Massage to Foot Massage to Indian Head Massage and many more. Each rejuvenating treatment is delivered by founder of Jungle Healing and highly skilled practitioner Marek Gabor, AKA: Jungle Man. As a result of his many years of experience, Marek works with deep, mindful and connected touch to heal your body. 

Group Studio Classes & Private Yoga Lessons

Jungle Healing Massage Centre, Crawley also offers private yoga lessons with Marek in Hatha/Sivananda Yoga. Furthermore, a range of group classes run in our spacious studio throughout the week such as Thai Massage classes, Yoga classes and Meditation classes. Importantly, each class is dedicated to helping you reduce stress and cultivate a healthier lifestyle; led by highly experienced teachers. All classes are suitable for beginners to more advanced students. In addition, every class is available to book online via our online booking system or by contacting teachers directly by e-mail. Moreover, purchase one of our Jungle Healing Class Passes online for five or ten classes and save yourself up to £50.

Retreats, Workshops & Massage Practitioner Training

Attend one of our mindful massage retreats where you can improve your wellbeing, engage with nature and connect with mind, body and breath. Join us for one of our many enriching massage workshops where you can cultivate better self-awareness and aid your self-development. Alternatively, learn the healing art of massage yourself by attending one of our accredited massage courses

The most precious gift is your presence

We look forward to welcoming you to Jungle Healing Massage Centre, Crawley and guiding you towards health and happiness.

“The root of all health is in the brain. 

The trunk of it is in emotion. 

The branches and leaves are the body. 

The flower of health blooms

when all parts work together.”

~ Kurdish folk wisdom ~